Boars Bridge Therapy Centre 


(Each workshop has two possible dates. Please state your preference when booking a place to avoid disappointment!)

Feb 24th/25th, The secrets of Atlantis and Lemuria.
This is a new and exciting workshop where we will be exploring the stories and legends surrounding these mystical places. We will look at Atlantian healing techniques and discover what lessons can be learned from the history of these ancient civilisations to help us in our lives today.

March 17th/18th, The Native American          Medicine Wheel.
Following our highly successful Native American Teachings workshop, as promised we are going to spend time looking into the Native American Medicine Wheel in more depth. Learn how it can help you understand your path in life and beyond. Understand the full meaning of its sections, colours and corresponding elements.

March 31st/April 1st, Ancient Egyptian Spirituality.
Enter the fascinating world of the ancient Egyptians. Learn about their Gods and Goddesses and look at the magic and symbology you can use for protection and prosperity.

May 12th/13th, Gods and Goddesses.
Here we will take a look at some of the common and lesser known Gods and Goddesses we can call upon for help in our daily lives, from many different spiritual beliefs. Learn how to call them and work with them.

June 2nd/3rd, Expanded Chakras.
Following our popular ‘Exploring Chakras’ workshop, in this one we go further and look at the many other, lesser known chakras both in and around our bodies and auric fields. This is a great workshop for everyone interested in, or already working in the healing arts.

7th/8th July, Unicorns and Dragons
Another new and exciting workshop! Here we explore the different worlds of Unicorns and Dragons. We discover how to work with these magical beings harnessing their completely different energies to bring wisdom and healing.

29th/30th September, Releasing Anger and Guilt
This workshop is designed to help teach us to look inside ourselves and find the feelings and emotions that are causing our health and happiness issues. We will identify blockages and negative energies and learn how we can release them and remove them from our lives to facilitate our own healing.

20th/21st October, Mindfulness.
Another chance to attend this popular workshop designed to make us go back to basics and de-stress our lives by using all our senses to re-discover the beauty around us.


Dates to be announced:

-Native American Teachings

-Simple Spells for Busy Witches

-Exploring Past Lives

-Crystal Therapy


Workshops run from 10am – 4pm and include light refreshments. (Bring lunch)

We ask £45, of which a percentage is donated to Boars Bridge Charity Music Festival, in aid of the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre, Reading.


Make sure you check this page often for news of new courses

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