About Wicca

Wicca is an Old English word literally translating to witch or Witchcraft. It is a form of Paganism and one of the oldest religions in the world. Wicca is the preferred title used instead of ‘witch’ because of past negative or false connotations.

Wicca is simply a means of understanding the mysteries of life from a viewpoint which embraces both the feminine and masculine energies of the world.

Most Wiccan ritual and magic is done in conjunction with an altar of some kind.

An altar is a place where you display all of the items which have special significance to you. It is a sacred workspace and a resting place for your spirit.

The base of your altar can be inside or outside. It can be a special piece of ground, a stone or step, a table or a box. It can be anywhere. In days past, an altar may have been no more than a special chosen spot on the ground where offerings to a deity were placed. Traditionally it should be in a centralized location and should face one of the cardinal directions.

An altar should contain some representation of the elements: Earth, Fire, Air and Water. So make an attempt to contain these elements on your altar. It is also nice to have some special item which embodies the season to you: flowers for Spring; greenery or fruits of the season for Summer; vegetables or fruits of the season for Autumn; holly, evergreens, twigs, or seeds for Winter.

Altar tools are simply external representations used to help ‘alter’ your consciousness. Your altar is as personal as you. Anything that makes you feel special can be a part of your altar.