January’s Stone
Protective, powerful, seductive Red Garnet. The Warrior Stone.

 Glory of GarnetsAs a January baby myself I am lucky that I have been given lots of jewellery over the years containing garnets and I really adore the deep red colour. If you look into the stone it seems endless, sometimes almost black in its depth.

Use Garnet as a talisman for protection. It guards against accidents during travel and was an amulet worn by warriors in ancient times to protect from wounds and to stop bleeding, hence its name The Warrior Stone. They also used it to reduce inflammation, improve the circulation of blood and promote regeneration of damaged organs and tissues. Women would wear garnets around their waist to assist them during their menstrual cycles and men would carry them to help increase their sex drive.

But Garnet is also a stone of love and passion so use it wisely! It also contributes to family happiness, gives mutual love and fulfills cherished dreams. It is said to aid depression bringing happiness and positive thoughts to the wearer. Placing a garnet under your pillow can help prevent bad dreams.

It is said that if garnet is given as a gift it promotes loyalty and friendship but that if it loses its lustre it is a sign of deceit or impending disaster. A stolen garnet is said to bring bad luck to the thief.

In healing Garnets are generally used on the root chakra but remember they do come in other colours – green, pink, yellow and black which can be used in other areas. Always use with care though as I have found garnets to be ‘to the point’ and not as gentle as crystals which have a lower vibration!

Finally, It is told that garnet holds not only the power to protect it’s wearer from negative energies, but also to send those negative energies back to where they originated from. If you are suffering from malicious gossip and lies, wearing a garnet will send the negative vibrations directly back to those perpetrating them.