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My journey into the world of crystals has been a deeply personal one.  Certainly I did not set out with the object of becoming a therapy practitioner, or of giving talks; but when a collegue found out about my passion, she suggest I should give a talk to a group of which she was a member.

Long story short – I gave the talk – and it was very well recieved, and we all had a most enjoyable evening.

For most people, their knowledge of crystals is limited to the tags attached to bracelets and gems bought in gift shops, and to some extent, I will talk about the basic qualities and effect felt from using many of the most common forms of crystals and gems.  But for me, it is very important to talk about my own personal jouney with crystals; how I use them; the rewards I have gained.  I always bring a selection from my huge personal collection, to help the discussion along.  I am also very happy to include a question and answere section to the evening.

If you would like more information about asking me to give a talk for you or your group, please drop me line.  I look forward to hearing from you.